207 e. buffalo st.
suite 222
milwaukee, wi 53202
located in the Marshall Building
hours: saturday 12-4pm 
and by appointment


Greymatter was established in 2011 out of the remnants of an old storage room. It is an artist-run space operated by Rachel Quirk and Zina Mussmann who recognize that artists are a driving force in culture. They believe in the power of artists to build new institutions through the power of collaboration. Their goal is to be a part of this dialogue by working with local and national artists in organizing diverse and thought provoking exhibitions.

Between It and I
Jared Patton Plock

New work

Artist Reception Gallery Night October 21, 5-9pm
Closes December 3


"Still Life #20" mixed media

"Objects are broken down, separated into their constituent materials and re-contextualized as both works of installation and sculpture. While in a figurative sense objects are abstracted and expressed as prints, drawings, and shallow wall sculptures that reflect the inherent properties of an object without the specificity of being representational." -- Jared Patton Plock